De kracht van de verbinding
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De kracht van de verbinding

This tiny book was written with love and care for those who visited my 35th birthday. It should motivate them and seek connection in all that they do in life. My intention was to give the guests something they would never forget. This inspired me to write this tiny book about power in connection.

The party was a celebration about connection with those who felt the to try out a new kind of party, a new experience about connection.

I want to give special gratitude for all the hard work to the following people Maxence, Jessica, Tram-Anh, Viyan, Ramiro, Annette and many others from PDC who supported the party and joined as well.

I want to thank Dj BLizzard and Sarod Avi for performing at this event and Smooth Sailor Productions for filming and creating the after movie and Batuhan for arranging and sponsoring the movie.

And special thanks to all the visitors.
See you soon!

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Maxence van mastrigt

De kracht van de verbinding

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